UNICEF Report Card 15

The Equalizer: How Education Creates Fairness for Children in Canada

On October 30, 2018 UNICEF Canada launched their Report Card 15, with a Facebook Live discussion that included Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc.'s own Program Director, Jane Bertrand.

The report measures the rights and well-being of children in rich countries over the past 18 years. They compare countries so we can learn and do better. The 2018 UNICEF Report Card 15 is focused on equality in education.

Special thanks to from UNICEF Canada went to Kerry McCuaig and Dr. Emis Akbari, Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, University of Toronto, for producing data and analysis for early child education in Canada.

To access the report, its Canadian Companion and Infographic tools, please visit UNICEF Canada here.


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