Integrated Data Repositories for Child Development in Atlantic Canada

A recent report out of Atlantic Canada “sought to explore where the Atlantic provinces are in the development of data repositories to monitor child development. While each province is working toward this goal, they are at various points in the journey and, as such, stand to help inform one another. The project sought to begin a conversation among the provinces to share their valued experiences and knowledge. It was hoped that these conversations would not only speed their progress but also ensure opportunities for collaborative professional learning and research.” The study was designed as “a point in time exploration of where each province is: what is common, what is unique and what opportunities exist to promote valuable collaboration?” A series of emergent themes were outlined and the report concludes that “the region has much in common and the opportunities for mutual support are rich. Collaboration in design, collaboration in professional learning and collaboration in research will lead to textured research that will inform public policy and optimize human development.”

Access the report HERE

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