Reports - 2020

Fall Economic Statement 2020: Supporting Canadians and Fighting COVID-19

Government of Canada, November 30, 2020 Excerpt: "Many Canadian families found themselves with limited options for child care. As a result, parents had to either juggle full time work while staying at home or opt to drop out of the labour force to look after their children. This represents yet...

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An Economic Overview of Children’s Literacy in Canada

Deloitte, November 2020 The report prepared by Craig Alexander, Chief Economist and Executive Advisor at Deloitte Canada calls for expanded access to affordable, high quality, curriculum based early childhood education programs to address the foundations of literacy and improve overall literacy rates in Canada. Access the full report HERE

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Ten reasons to expand public kindergarten

September 2020 An increasing number of jurisdictions are following the research and committing to a two-year kindergarten experience for four- and five-year-old children in a play-based curriculum. While kindergarten is available to all five-year-olds across Canada, most provinces and territories offer in-school programming for at least some children prior to...

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Integrated Data Repositories for Child Development in Atlantic Canada

This project sought to explore where the Atlantic provinces are in the development of data repositories to monitor child development. While each province is working toward this goal, they are at various points in the journey and, as such, stand to help inform one another. The project sought to begin...

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Families’ Experiences of a Universal Play-based Early Childhood Program in Nova Scotia: Implications for Policy and Practice

Journal of Research in Childhood Education, August 7, 2020 The new study from Dr. Jessie-Lee McIsaac and the team at Mount Saint Vincent Unviversity study examined families’ experiences of a publicly funded, play-based early learning program for children in the year before school entry. Access the full study HERE

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