Presentations - 2012

Bringing Education & Care Together in New Brunswick

Merging education with child care and family supports is a proven formula for better outcomes for children and less stress for parents. Yet across Canada services, particularly for young children, are a disorganized patchwork. "This disadvantages families and taxpayers," says the Honourable Margaret McCain, who is here to co-host a...

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Learning to Care: Closing Remarks by Hon. Margaret McCain

Toronto, October 23, 2012 Excerpt: "Less than a month after the inaugural conference for the Fraser Mustard Institute for Human Development, we are together again under the same theme – how research, policy and practice – across disciplines – inform one another. Behind the IHD, and its prototype the Atkinson...

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Remarks by the Hon. Margaret McCain to PFC Symposium

October 16, 2012, Montreal, Quebec Excerpt: "We are the Early Child Development Funders Working Group – it’s a mouthful and we could have devised a more pithy handle but we are not about branding; we are about a goal – publicly funded early education for every child from the age...

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