Presentations - Newfoundland

Remarks by the Honourable Margaret McCain to the Philanthropy Symposium

June 2, 2014St. John's, Newfoundland My husband and I had a long involvement in personal philanthropy. It wasn’t terribly organized; we made our decisions about giving over the kitchen table. It was my association with Dr. Fraser Mustard in developing the first two Early Years Studies that helped to focus...

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The Early Years Last a Lifetime

April 10, 2014 The Harris Centre has partnered with the Jimmy Pratt Family Foundation and the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc. to facilitate a year-long discussion about early childhood education in Newfoundland and Labrador. To access video from The Harris Centre Click Here. To access Workshop video's from The...

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Successful Kids; Successful Country

November 13, 2013Public Policy Forum, Harris Centre, St. John’s Newfoundland Successful Kids; Successful Country - Why Smart Public Policy Needs to Include Early Childhood Education

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