We Are Stronger Together Conference

April 13, 2013
Barrie, Ontario

Description: Early Years Study 3: Making Decisions, Taking Action makes a compelling case for why policy makers should focus attention and resources on young children and their families. The social, economic and scientific rationale for increased investments in early childhood education is clear and well documented.

Good education, begun early, can improve every child’s chance of success. It is fair. It works. It is affordable. It enjoys widespread popularity, and we are already well on our way in Canada to making it a reality.

To help chart our progress, Early Years Study 3 introduced the Early Childhood Education Report. The report draws on evidence documenting how coherent public policy supports quality early childhood programming while using public investments effectively.

But while more Canadian preschoolers are involved in early education than ever before, public policy remains confused. Ontario’s recent steps to build a more coherent early childhood system are a good start. Early childhood educators, teachers and community partners can work with local and provincial policy officials to deliver early education in a way that simultaneously supports children’s learning and their parents’ work."

Keynote Speaker:

Founder and chairperson of the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc. The former Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick is a determined champion of young children and their families. She works closely with communities and governments in Atlantic Canada to establish seamless early childhood programs.

Mrs. McCain has co-authored Early Years Study (1999) with Dr. Fraser Mustard and Early Years Study 2: Putting Science into Action (2007) with Dr. Stuart Shanker. She was co-chair of the Commission on Early Learning and Care for the City of Toronto (2003).

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