Pearson Centre Year4Conference

November 26, 2018, Ottawa

November 2018 was the third anniversary of the current federal government, which means one more year till the next election.

Depending on your perspective, this Parliament has been very productive or not productive enough, on the nose or off the mark. This conference began with a review of the past three years, but spent the most time on Year 4. What needs to happen? What projects need completion? What loose ends need to get tied up. It’s less about the politics and more about the policy.

Ministers, MPs from all parties and Senators were invited to talk about what they plan to do in the year ahead. Business, labour academia, NGOs and others were invited to put forward their top priorities for the year ahead.

Featuring Kerry McCuaig, Fellow in Early Childhood Policy at Atkinson Centre, University of Toronto, OISE, discussing "Are children among the Priorities for year 4 of Parliament? Are they theTop picks for Election 2019?". To access her comments, please click HERE.

To access the Pearson Centre event page please click HERE.

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