Remarks by the Hon. Margaret McCain to PFC Symposium

October 16, 2012, Montreal, Quebec Excerpt: "We are the Early Child Development Funders Working Group – it’s a mouthful and we could have devised a more pithy handle but we are not about branding; we are about a goal – publicly funded early education for every child from the age...

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Does Preschool Education Really Pay?

When do the Payoffs Start and How Big is the Return?On June 22nd, 2011, an Economic Forum on Early Learning took place in Toronto. Economist Dr. Pierre Fortin of the University of Québec at Montréal discussed his new work that reveals the benefits of Quebec’s full-time, publicly-supported learning and care...

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Remarks by Carol Loughrey

Remarks by Carol Loughrey, board member Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation at the event in Carlton County, New Brunswick marking the Foundation-Government partnership supporting the development of five new integrated children’s centres.Mrs. McCain sends her greetings and apologies that she can’t be with us today. The Margaret and Wallace...

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