Margaret McCain the 2010 Egerton Ryerson Award Recipient

Margaret McCain is the 2010 recipient of People for Education’s Egerton Ryerson Award for Dedication to Public Education. The award is named for the founder of Canada's public education system, Egerton Ryerson, a visionary leader in the campaign to ensure that every child had access to education.
On November 23, 2010, a reception was held at the National Headquarters of the Royal Bank of Canada to honour Margaret McCain. At the event, Margaret’s granddaughter, Sarah McCain, gave a speech recognizing her grandmother's contribution to the field of public education.

On behalf of my family, I have been asked to say a few words about my grandmother who is more personally known to me as “Nanny”
Over the years my grandmother has taught me many things, if I stood here to tell you all of them we would be here all night. Her vision and support for the importance of education has always been high on the list of lessons. I will always remember her advice to me when I started a new school upon moving from New Brunswick to Toronto.
She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Sarah darling, please remember two things. 1. Always keep up with your studies, and 2. For goodness gracious make sure you always wear your bloomers under that uniform skirt!”
More importantly the point of education, Margaret McCain has been and continues to be; a women who stands apart from the rest in her determination and belief that education is paramount, for all members of the population, regardless of gender, economic status or age. She did after all graduate high-school and go on to attended Mount Allison at the very young age of 18. Given the rarity of this during those times, I’d say that gets major points for impressive willpower.
She is a loving mother, sister, wife and grandparent to everyone connected to her, and she has the ability to make you feel like the only person in the room that matters when you’re speaking to her.
Tonight is a celebration and recognition of my grandmother’s continuous efforts over the years towards supporting educational importance. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate here on this tremendous achievement.
Thank you all for being here to support my grandmother and the cause.

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