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Pre-primary decision up to parents, but N.S. has made right choice

Local Xpress, July 25, 2017 Excerpt: "Regardless of their motivations, all of Nova Scotia will prosper from this essential investment in their youngest citizens. By improving educational outcomes, reducing illiteracy and poverty, and making the province a place where young families want to come and stay, Nova Scotia will feel...

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Universal preschool a game changer for Nova Scotia

May 3, 2017 Nova Scotia becomes the third jurisdiction in Canada, following Ontario and the Northwest Territories, to provide two years of preschool education for all children. The initiative begins this fall in 30 schools providing a full day of play-based learning to over 700 four year olds. Within four...

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It’s wise to turn child care into credible early learning

The Chronicle Herald, June 6, 2016 Excerpt: "This isn’t about patching up a floundering program or even getting more parents into the workforce. More than any baby box, good, caring early education is fuel for young minds and healthy bodies. What children learn during this period of rapid brain development...

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Nova Scotia’s Early Years Centre Research Advisory Committee

Nova Scotia’s Early Years Centre Research Advisory Committee meets at Rockingstone School, Halifax

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Nova Scotia’s Early Years Centres Welcome Children and Families

Day one of school had a different set of first timers in eight Nova Scotia regions. Four-year-olds were among those marking their first day of school in the new full day Early Learning Program.

The 4-year-old program is part the Early Years Centres, a project to expand programming in Nova Scotia schools for children 0-3, and to provide after-school, public health, family support and, intervention services. The goal is to create school-based community hubs providing families with one-stop access to a range of programming responding to their needs. This model of integrated service delivery has been shown to reduce wait times for specialized services and reduce stress for children and their parents.

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