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The Liberals promise big spending on child care. The Conservatives, not so much

The Globe and Mail, September 13, 2021 Excerpt: "Scott Moe is not a fan of Justin Trudeau. The Saskatchewan Premier has long been at odds with the federal Liberals. Yet in mid-August, two days before the election campaign began, Mr. Moe’s government signed on to Mr. Trudeau’s national child-care plan.Why?...

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$10 A Day Child Care for Families in Saskatchewan

Government of Saskatchewan, August 13, 2021 Excerpt: "In addition to significantly reducing the cost of child care, federal funding of close to $1.1 billion over the next five years will lead to the creation of 28,000 new regulated early learning and child care spaces to help ensure Saskatchewan families with...

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Smart Investment in our Future

Edmonton JournalJune 30, 2015 Excerpt: "The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child identifies ECE as a right of all children. But children have no means to exercise that right. They cannot vote; they have no professional lobbyists. We are raising our voices on their behalf in the...

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Early Childhood Education is Vital

The TelegramJuly 14, 2015 Excerpt: "Investing in our children is investing in the future of our country. There is no better way to do this than through high-quality early childhood education (ECE)." To read the entire article

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Open Letter: A Smart Investment in Our Future

In an open letter sent to several media across Canada, a group of charitable foundations urge politicians to look at early childhood education in a new light - as a must-have element to build a more prosperous Canada for all. To access the Early Child Development Funders Working Group page

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