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No data, no problem, no action

The Hamilton Spectator | June 18, 2020 Excerpt: "In the past decades, advocating for better data on early child development has also been strengthened by the argument that it is more costly not to know than it is to collect such data. I think time has come to say that...

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A strong child-care system is essential to our recovery from the pandemic

The Globe and Mail | June 14, 2020 Excerpt: "Early learning and child care is a powerful equalizer, narrowing achievement gaps that emerge before children even start school. Educational child care is needed more than ever to help families address the trauma of the pandemic, to support parent employment and...

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McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us

The New York Times | May 8, 2020 Excerpt: "Increasingly, I came to see that emulating a Danish-style system of high wages wasn’t just about lifting the minimum wage but, even more, about investing in children.Many Danes see the nurturing of children as part of their nation’s secret sauce, so...

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Now is the time to invest in preschool education. Here’s why

Fortune | May 6, 2020 Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation’s friend and colleague Dr. Stephen Barnett (National Institute of Early Education Research) makes the social and economic case for investing in ECE now. Barnett concludes “there is no investment with a higher long-term potential payoff - if we get...

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Keeping Children Busy During COVID-19

Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy | April 6, 2020Listen to Christine McLean, Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University, on the Maritime Noon radio show discussing how to keep children busy entertained and stimulated while at home during the COVID-19 shutdown.LISTEN

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