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McDonald’s Workers in Denmark Pity Us

The New York Times | May 8, 2020 Excerpt: "Increasingly, I came to see that emulating a Danish-style system of high wages wasn’t just about lifting the minimum wage but, even more, about investing in children.Many Danes see the nurturing of children as part of their nation’s secret sauce, so...

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Now is the time to invest in preschool education. Here’s why

Fortune | May 6, 2020 Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation’s friend and colleague Dr. Stephen Barnett (National Institute of Early Education Research) makes the social and economic case for investing in ECE now. Barnett concludes “there is no investment with a higher long-term potential payoff - if we get...

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Keeping Children Busy During COVID-19

Maritime Noon with Bob Murphy | April 6, 2020Listen to Christine McLean, Assistant Professor at Mount Saint Vincent University, on the Maritime Noon radio show discussing how to keep children busy entertained and stimulated while at home during the COVID-19 shutdown.LISTEN

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Investing in Early Childhood Education

The Agenda with Steve Paikin | March 11, 2020 When it comes to enrolment in early childhood education, Canada lags far behind the OECD average. That's according to the Early Years Study by the Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc., and its chair Margaret McCain explains how children and...

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Invest in early childhood education or Canada will fall behind

Toronto Star | March 5, 2020 Excerpt: "Canada is way behind other developed nations in early childhood education and needs a big shift in approach to lift families out of poverty and keep our country competitive in a changing knowledge economy.That’s the message behind a new report, the fourth iteration...

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