A Tribute to Fraser Mustard

Fraser Mustard (1927 - 2011)
Fraser Mustard

In Early Years Study 3 Fraser Mustard again brings his passion to early childhood development. His reasons were many, but mainly because he believed the future of our country, indeed of the world, depends upon it.

Fraser's brilliance came from his ability to distill the complex story of the dance between nature and nurture and its effect on early brain development. He gave voice to three enduring messages that have permeated the popular culture: The years before 5 last a lifetime; It takes a village to raise a child and Pay now or pay later. He took those messages into boardrooms and government offices, to educators, health providers and families. He revisits them again with the latest evidence in Early Years Study 3

Fraser was impatient. He felt genuinely wretched as the needs of young children were put on hold as governments decided—once again—that this year’s budget had other priorities. It was with satisfaction then when he reviewed the results of the environmental scan of the provinces and territories and saw the progress that had been made since the last Early Years Study in 2007. He wanted to monitor the progress and show policy makers that change can happen, it can happen fast, and when it does it makes a difference. The Early Childhood Education Index was thus born as a next step to the Early Development Instrument (EDI). It will join the many legacies of Fraser, who viewed the results of research and monitoring as evidence to change the world.

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