La Boussole Centre Named Success Story

Source: Overcoming Poverty Together: Community Inclusion Networks Success Stories, Vol. 1 number 1 December 2012


Kent Region - Kent Community Inclusion Network (CIN Kent)

The Centre for Early Childhood and Family La Boussole, in Richibucto, offers a complete range of services to families with children 0 to 5 years who live in the Greater Richibucto area. La Boussole relies on the participation of several partners such as VON’s Healthy Baby and Me, the program First Steps, the Family Resource Center of Kent, Public Health, the program “Talk to Me”, and many others. They offer activities for children accompanied by an adult as well as training and information sessions to parents and guardians.

Located in the school Soleil Levant in Richibucto, the staff works closely with all the staff and students of the school to provide quality services.

The Café Jasette Project (chit-chat Café) has brought to La Boussole, disadvantaged and low-income families with young children to get them to become familiar with existing services, and to give them the chance to improve their parenting skills while socializing.

Eight mothers from disadvantaged backgrounds met once a week for eight weeks. While they were doing craft activities, they opened up slowly and talked about their lives. Among other things, there have been discussions on the challenges single mothers are facing, managing children’s behaviour, health and well-being of children, self-esteem of adults, marital problems, school and family finances.

Mothers who participated in the program have gained confidence and have agreed to share their problems and solutions. This project has enabled them to develop self-confidence essential to fully participate in their children’s development.

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