Can Empty Classrooms Help Solve the Daycare Crunch

The Globe and Mail, December 5, 2013

Excerpt: "When it comes to aligning family life with work life, school is behind the times, literally – starting after most parents are expected to be at the office, and ending hours before they can even think of leaving.

To bridge the child-care gap, lucky families snag a spot at an after-school program, if their school even has one – and even then may still have shuttle a younger child to and from separate care. But too many schools go quiet not long after the final bell rings, and in some declining neighbourhoods and rural areas, classrooms sit empty even during the day. With regulated child care in short supply – and community space in general at a premium – are we putting these valuable, centrally located, child-friendly properties to their best use?"

Can empty classrooms help solve the daycare crunch? (154.6 KB)

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