Nova Scotia’s Early Years Centres Welcome Children and Families

Day one of school had a different set of first timers in eight Nova Scotia regions. Four-year-olds were among those marking their first day of school in the new full day Early Learning Program.

The 4-year-old program is part the Early Years Centres, a project to expand programming in Nova Scotia schools for children 0-3, and to provide after-school, public health, family support and, intervention services. The goal is to create school-based community hubs providing families with one-stop access to a range of programming responding to their needs. This model of integrated service delivery has been shown to reduce wait times for specialized services and reduce stress for children and their parents.

Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation Inc.’s program director, Jane Bertrand, visited the sites, along with Kerry McCuaig of the Atkinson Centre, and June McLoughlin of Melbourne, Australia, who oversee a large integrated program in Doveton.


Clark Rutherford Memorial School, Cornwallis, Annapolis Royal

Nora Clark Rutherford Memorial School, Cornwallis, Annapolis Royal

Principal Nora Vance Gray meets with the early years team.


     EY Room Family Room

               One of the rooms in the early years centre.                                                     The centre’s family room.



École Beau-Port, Arichat on Isle Madame

Family resource leader Louise Migneault explains the philosophy of the Early Learning Centre at École Beau-Port on Isle Madame.

Family resource leader Louise Migneault explains the philosophy of the Early Learning Centre.


Helping out a friend   Family Room

                                Helping out a friend.                                                                               The centre’s family room.



West Highlands School, Amherst

West Highlands School opened its doors in March 2015 and the Early Years Centre is already drawing families across the community.  


Principal Kevin Mapplebeck, and Denise Stone, Director, Early Years Integration and Community Development for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.


WH June and Jane

June McLoughlin, Coordinator at Doveton College outside Melbourne, Australia, shares lessons in the development of a community school.



Children in the early learning program document their work.



A sensory room to support programming for children with exceptional needs.



East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy, Monastery

Reading Centre     Reading Centre 2

The reading centre is popular in the Early Learning Program.



Don’t bother me, I’m concentrating!


Jane and Director

Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation program director, Jane Bertrand discusses documentation with the Centre’s director, Carolyn Webber.


Green     Green2

The green outdoor playground is a hit with the children, complete with a living arch, outdoor kitchen and herb garden.



Yarmouth Central School, Yarmouth




Jared Purdy, Principal of Yarmouth Central School outlines the growth and functions of the program.



Music is an important part of the fun in the Early Learning Program.



New Germany Elementary School, New Germany


The resource centre.



Early Childhood Educator Gillian Kiely welcomes a new group of 4-year olds this term.


NewGermany Jane

Donna Stapleton, Executive Director of the Small World Early Learning Centre discusses programming with MWMFF program director, Jane Bertrand.


NG InClass  NG InClass2

Learning takes place in and outside the classroom.


NG Outdoor  Outdoor 2 

Outdoor 3  Outdoor 4

New Germany boasts a natural playground which is a favourite with the children.



Jubilee School in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton


Principal Higgins meets with the early years management team.



Problem solving in the Early Learning Program.








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