Canada needs a bold pro-growth strategy for both pandemic recovery and a successful future

The Globe and Mail | November 15, 2020

Excerpt: "Given the aging of the work force, we need to remove the barriers that prevent some of our citizens from realizing their potential. This includes a stronger income-security framework and skills programs that are better aligned with labour market needs. Affordable and accessible child care that also provides early learning opportunities can improve the participation of women in the labour force, and help close the gender pay gap. Greater workplace accessibility for disabled Canadians can also add workers. Improved integration of newcomers into the economy through better recognition of skills, education and qualifications can increase labour productivity. More opportunities for youth and Indigenous people to develop in-demand skills can improve their outcomes and add to the labour force. The recession has disproportionately affected low-income and marginalized workers, exacerbating economic inequalities. Policies that reduce inequality are part of a pro-growth agenda."

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