Childcare funding announcement is good news for Newfoundland

Saltwire, August 5, 2021

Excerpt: "In the 2010 Early Years Report, N.L. was ranked as having the poorest model of child care in the country. Since then, the province has made dramatic improvements with integrated governance into the Ministry of Education, a play-based curriculum framework, full-day Kindergarten, enhanced wage subsidies for educators and an expanded Operating Grants Program that monitors quality. This recent announcement allows NL to join other province’s in creating a publicly managed body to oversee expansion and support operations. It offers additional training for early child educators, professional enhancements and salary grids with a goal of 60 per cent of staff being fully certified within five years. It encourages municipalities to become involved and targets improvements for minority and indigenous families. And it allows neighbourhood schools to offer a full day pre-kindergarten experience for four-year-olds."

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